Allied Health

Here at Ashgrove Clinic we also have allied health professionals who assist our patients with specific conditions, so you know that you can receive the best care under the same roof.

Ashgrove Clinic provides podiatrist and dietitian services. Ask your doctor if you think you could benefit from these services.

Our Podiatrist

Our podiatrist is here to help you feel at ease with your feet, taking care of diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of disorders relating to your feet, ankles and lower extremities. Some of the services provided include:

  • Diabetic foot care and assessment
  • Wound assessment and management
  • Ingrown treatment both surgical and conservative
  • Sports injury assessment and treatment
  • Orthotic therapy
  • General nail, callous and corn treatment and care
  • Plantar wart treatment
  • Footwear advice
  • Overuse injuries

Our podiatrist, Mr Paul Addicott, offers podiatry home visits as well as visits to aged care facilities. To make a booking with Mr Addicott, please call our reception team or book online.

Our Dietitian

The role of our dietitian is to collect, organise and assess data relating to your health and nutritional status. You can use this service with or without metabolic disorder.

The dietitian aims to provide you with an evidence-based education by communicating information, advice and professional opinion.

Going to see a dietitian is really all about getting assistance with the management of centred nutrition. They can assist you by planning appropriate food choices and menus, educating you on your individual nutritional needs, and ways of accessing and preparing food. To start planning, implementing and evaluating nutrition programs, please speak with your doctor about booking an appointment with the dietitian.

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